Who are these guys anyways?

Solidarity note which was read in the conference of Supramarkt Projekt at the 22nd of May in Germany

Unfortunately, I am not sitting among you. Instead, I am lying in my couch writing this piece, one week before today. Here, in Greece, in this tiny corner of our planet, these days, human beings are being asked to choose in what way their society will be further dehumanized. That’s what we have gained the last months: we gained the dignity of being asked without false pretenses. No Greek who can sense the existential gravity of this question is allowed to be away these days.

And then I am thinking that, here, in this tiny planet in a vast universe, these days, all human beings face the same tremendous challenges. For the first time in our evolutionary history, humankind as a whole has a common history and, hence, a common fate. And yet, human societies seem indifferent; humans keep doing things as usual, even though we have become sensitive in strange ways to the emergency that lies around us.

Why is this happening? We have been somehow convinced that the logic of competition and profit is actually efficient and effective. That somehow deadlocks and challenges will be resolved by letting the invisible hand, the markets, to do their thing. Even more, we are somehow convinced that the logic of capital that rules our culture and societies is the cause for everything good we are having today.

And I wonder, when are we going to stop admiring the perverted logic of competition and profit? It is as if the most successful colonization of the logic of capital took place in our imagination. Even marxists and people on the left are secretly fascinated by capital through the admiration of Marx’s work. When are we going to overcome the syndrome of inferiority, to escape from the seduction of our imagination?

Humans do things through many different logics. Humans are amazingly complex. Our societies achieved remarkable things not because of capital but despite the fact that this perverted logic was, and still is, dominant in our culture. And because of its dominance what we have achieved came at the cost of tremendous human pain and severe damages in our planet. We need to embrace deeply the fact that today, neoliberalism – the new and most ferocious manifestation of the logic of capital – is totally naked. Neither effective, nor desirable.

So, let’s put ourselves together. As Spencer Cathcart nicely articulates it in his excellent video with the title “the lie we live” “We didn’t get to this point by sitting on our asses. The human race survived not because we are fastest or the strongest, but because we worked together”. Let’s deeply appreciate the fact that manifesting the various logics of cooperation and democracy we are far stronger than we think, and that for the first time in our evolutionary history we have so many embodied capacities from different cultures within our reach. We are more beautiful, interesting and effective than those few who actually embrace the logic of competition and profit and today rule our societies forcing them to choose the way they are going to be further dehumanized.

Let’s ask ourselves for once, who are these guys anyways and why on earth are we letting them be in charge?

Spencer Cathcart’s film: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-qSbRLINXvZBZM6CpUMDzQ



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